Why Baltic Pallet Pooling, Ltd.?

Using IPS Belgium superior plastic pallets results in less product damage, greater efficiency, improved safety, and significant cost savings for our customers. Quality will always come first.
All of our customers, big and small, know they can count on BPP to work with them as partners in managing more than just their pallet flows. Our team members have years of logistics experience and consult with both manufacturers and distributors to maintain long-term partnerships. Working together, we can find innovative ways to cut costs!

Baltic Pallet Pooling, Ltd. 
The Innovative Concept for the Supply Chains
Why Choose Plastic Pallets?

Plastic pallets have scores of advantages in comparison with wooden or metal pallets.
* Superb return on investment and savings on labour and transportation costs, thanks to easier handling.
* Safe: safe to use (no splinters or nails) and safe in transport (our professional packaging systems are ideal for transporting fragile and valuable goods).
* Optimal mechanical and ergonomic properties: in any state (static use, dynamic use and when stacked). Moreover, plastic pallets are lighter than wooden and metal pallets.
* Sustainable: plastic pallets have a much longer useful life because they are resistant to all weather conditions. And they always keep the same size, weight and shape!
* Hygiene: no contamination of goods, and plastic foldable boxes are fast and easy to clean.
* Personalisation: identify your pallets with your corporate name, logo or colours.
* Meet the most stringent export requirements: of the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and China. Wooden pallets require an expensive fumigation treatment when used for these countries.
* Traceable: using Radio Frequency Identification technology (the so called industrial RFID tags).
* Ecologically sound: plastic pallets can be recycled.
The First Pallet Pooling Operator in the Baltics

Baltic Pallet Pooling, Ltd. (BPP) provides the leading companies with the most advanced and cost-efficient platform rental solutions. Our target is to become a leading provider of "One-Touch/Retail Ready Packaging" solutions for the Baltics market.

BPP provides returnable packaging solutions and equipment used to store and move products through supply chains. We have built our reputation by providing outstanding customer service, innovative products and tailored solutions to our customers.

BPP is focused on delivering high quality, efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions in the manufacturing and retail sectors. Our unique pooling system enables trading partners to share BPP equipment through the supply chain enabling conversion of fixed costs to variable costs and promoting sustainability through sharing of pallets, intermediate bulk containers and produce bins.

Our service depots are strategically located throughout the Baltic States to ensure availability of our products when and where you need them.
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Baltic Pallet Pooling, Ltd.
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