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The Innovative Concept for the Supply Chains
Returnable Transport Items

BPP offers a range of the highest quality Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) that can be freely exchanged in our pool system. This system is designed to optimise your entire supply chain. All reusable plastic crates are designed by industry leading company Polymer Logistics for the transportation of a wide range of food and non-food products, through the supply chain directly to supermarket display. Our solution enables cost cuts of up to 60% and increase in-store product availability.

In addition to inspecting, maintaining and storing our fleet, we also wash using automated washing machines. We are committed to enforcing all regulatory demands, including all Health & Safety regulations, to the highest standards.

Retail-ready containers and pallets

Product handling equipment and in-store merchandising have evolved dramatically over the past 50 years, and are in the midst of a major change again. More and more retailers are calling on their trading partners to deliver products in sustainable packaging that attracts the shopper’s eye and improves productivity. Polymer Logistics offers a comprehensive solution to help retailers and suppliers increase sales and reduce supply chain costs.

Retailers or suppliers operating a closed loop distribution system eager to reduce corrugate purchases for cost and sustainability reasons may want to buy the containers and pallets. Companies with several trading partners striving to limit capital expenditures and focus on what they do best may prefer the leasing or pooling option. Our experienced professionals can help turn any product handling challenge into an opportunity to boost sales and save money!

Please, check available crates, bins, quarter pallets and dollies from catalogue here (3 Mb)!
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Lightweight nestable &
foldable crates
Bins for vegetables
and eggs
Bins for dairy products
CrystalClear foldable
crates for dairy products

Premium Retail Ready CrystalClear Trays

For dairy product manufacturers: premium retail ready Crystal Clear series of reusable plastic trays designed for operational functionality and creative merchandising! The Crystal Clear series, which includes three product versions that each feature see-through panels to highlight the product and have the same easy-to-use attributes as all Polymer Logistics trays and containers, is now available to retailers and manufacturers.
The premium Crystal Clear tray is truly revolutionary because it offers so many more features than are currently available in retail ready packaging. The trays highlight the vibrant branding of the individual products displayed without the added cost of disposable branded case packaging and are also more operationally efficient. For the shopper, it creates an appealing, convenient and original look at the retail location.

The benefits of Crystal Clear trays for retailers and suppliers include expanded branding, increased merchandising options, fewer out-of-stocks, faster replenishment time, reduced product damage and lower space requirements in the truck and at the store. The containers are more environmentally sustainable than traditional packaging and offer significant cost savings when compared with disposable material. They are ideal for picking orders for direct store delivery, are compatible with the Polymer Logistics pallet and dolly line for easy maneuverability and placement on retail floor and are made of an easy-to-clean polymer that resists moisture, insects and fungi.
Benefits for Manufacturers

• Increased sales
• Decreased cost as no more expensive disposable packaging
• Reduced product damage due to better protection
• Easy assembly
• Clean, sanitary product
• Light weight and easy to store
• Tracking system available
• Facilitate ice injecting and hydrating/cooling process
• Standardizes unit weight
• Right fit for conveyor lines and load cube utilization
• Efficient in reverse logistics

Benefits for Retailers

• Higher product availability = INCREASED SALES!
• Lower cost - minimized replenishment time
• Reduced product damage
• Display ready
• Great merchandising
• Efficient picking at distribution center
• Uniform unit load
• Easy handling
• No waste / sustainable solution
• Foldable - less storage space
• FIFO over LIFO