Baltic Pallet Pooling, Ltd. 
The Innovative Concept for the Supply Chains

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industries are so critical to our economy and our wellbeing.  They deserve a shipping platform that is commensurate with their importance and consistent with the superior hygiene standards they exemplify. We are proud to offer the best plastic pallets which provides a level of pallet hygiene and security that cannot be achieved with pallets made of wood or other organic materials.

Resistance to impact is critical when shipping beer, soft drinks, dairy products, liquor and other beverages. The superior top-deck coverage, lighter weight and cleanliness of BPP' plastic pallets make them far more attractive than pallets made of wood. Besides being hygienic and easier to handle, each of BPP pallets could be embedded with an RFID tag, enabling companies to manage and track individual product loads.
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Industries We Serve

BPP pallets and handling assets are used across a wide range of sectors and markets. They are strong, robust and high quality ideally suited to today’s fast moving retail and FMCG supply chains where pallets are handled and stored often in highly automated handling systems that rely on a high quality pallet. Our plastic pallets are widely used across all sectors of the FMCG market.

BPP is spearheading a shift in the pallet-rental business from wood and other materials of the past to uniform plastic pallets. Powerful advantages exist for virtually all industries – beverages, consumer electronics, grocery and consumer packaged goods, home improvement, pharmaceutical, meat and raw ingredients.

Among the many advantages of BPP' plastic pallets are their greater durability, consistent size, shape and quality, lighter weight, superior hygiene and traceability. And because plastic is impervious to insect infestation, BPP' pallets are not subject to the import - export regulations that require defumigation and heat-treatment for pallets made of wood.
Consumer Packaged Goods and Grocery

By using BPP' plastic pallets, the risk of contamination and infestation is drastically reduced. Plastic pallets also eliminate the likelihood of protruding nails or splinters compromising the contents of grocery and consumer-packaged goods. Worker safety is further enhanced due to the handling efficiency of BPP' plastic pallets, which are 35% lighter than their wood counterparts.
Meat and Produce

The superiority of BPP plastic pallet pool is appealing for transporting fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and fish. The risk of infestation and cross-contamination is drastically reduced because our plastic pallets are hygienic and impervious to adulteration. The pallets' superior top-deck coverage also lowers the risk of product damage.
Raw Ingredients

With BPP' plastic pallets, customers don't have to worry about loose wood, nails or other foreign objects in their oil, grain, tomatoes or other raw ingredients. The cleanliness of our pallets dramatically reduces the risk of cross-contamination and infestation. Because they are approximately 35% lighter than their wood counterparts, BPP' plastic pallets are also easier to handle and reduce the likelihood of on-the-job injury.

The robustness and consistency of the plastic pallet is important for the transportation of consumer electronics. For high-value loads ranging from home printers to LCD TV's, damage caused by missing top-deck wood or protruding nails is a major problem. With BPP plastic pallets, the likelihood of damage or loss decreases significantly. Also, because plastic is impervious to insect infestation, our pallets are not subject to the import - export regulations that require defumigation and heat-treatment for pallets made of wood.