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BPP use only 800 x 1200 mm IPS Belgium made plastic pooling pallets which are far superior to the best wood alternatives. Among other advantages, plastic pallets are more durable, with a longer life cycle, consistent in size, shape and weight, lighter, hygienic and impervious to infestation.

These are really the ‘tough guys’ in the world of pallets: suitable for the heaviest of jobs. Pooling pallets are extremely durable and they have a high stacking capacity thanks to low-pressure gas-assist technology. Unlike wood pallets – which are more susceptible to damage, putting shipped goods at risk – BPP plastic pallets are:

Lightweight, ergonomic and easy to handle
BPP pallets weigh less than 18 kilograms. According to the EUR-EPAL pallet reference site, wooden pallet weight is approximately 20...30 kg, depending on wood moisture. Because our pallets are 35% lighter than their wood counterparts, they are easier to handle, lower the likelihood of injury and offer tremendous savings in transport costs.

Hygienic and immune to contamination
Because they are made of plastic, insects cannot penetrate BPP pallets making them ideal for clean room, fresh food and pharmaceutical type environments. Unlike wood, BPP plastic pallets do not require fumigation or heat-treatment. An BPP plastic pallet requires only a simple washing before being returned to the pool.

Environmentally responsible
BPP plastic pallets are 100% recyclable, and won't end up in a forest when destroyed. If a pallet is damaged, its resin is reground and remolded into new pallets. Our pallets help preserve fossil fuels as well. Replacing all wooden pallets with plastic would remove billions of kilograms of non-value freight from Europe's shipping and supply-chain infrastructure, resulting in huge fuel savings.

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Size: 1200 x 800 x 155 mm

Weight: 18 kg only
Static load: 4000 kg
Dynamice load: 2000 kg
Rack load: 1000 kg
Material: PP
Temperature range:
4 unique anti-slips:
the goods will never fall down!
Colour: black. Runners: 3. Deck: perforated. Conductive, antistatic, fire-retardant.
RFID: hidden