The One-Way Trip

It's a simple system without surprises. How much do you spend for your one way wooden pallets? For our customers in FMCG we offer a simple One-Way trip system compatible with supply chains and one which fulfils today’s market needs for simplicity and quality. In the FMCG markets, brand owners, manufacturers and growers faced with a list of daily challenges don’t need to add pallets to their list.

Few easy steps to shipping products on our pallets:
* You order our high quality pallets and we deliver the right number to you (or you can collect them if you prefer)
* You deliver your products on our pallets to your customers and inform us when and where the pallets have been shipped
* We then collect the empty pallets
Once returned to an BPP depot, the pallets are individually inspected against our quality criteria. Then the cycle begins again.

All you have to do is, to let us know the number of pallets you need and order them on time. When the pallets are in your trucks or territory don’t lose them, please. And inform us where you have sent them!

To save you money, BPP can deliver pallets directly from the last user, often a retail DC, instead of from our own depot. These customers operate in a market sector in which high quality pallets are not required or they monitor pallet quality themselves. We pass our savings onto our customers, which means that our customers pay a lot less for this service than for the classic service.

Closed loop service means that instead of BPP delivering the pallets, selected large customers can collect the pallets from the last user, such as a retail DC. These customers benefit from a lower price.

Baltic Pallet Pooling, Ltd. 
The Innovative Concept for the Supply Chains
Daily Rental System

It's a simple and straight forward rental solution. Our Daily rental system is primarily for use in closed loop environments where handling assets circulate without loss in a controlled environment or industry sector. Often between production locations or within upstream supply chains. Customers can simply order high quality plastic pallets and other handling assets directly from BPP. After using them in a supply chain, when you no longer need them, you or one of your supply chain partners may return them to BPP and the rental ends. Should your pallets and other handling assets under rental need to be cleaned or replaced, just exchange them at BPP free of charge for inspected quality replacements.
Pallet Pooling Service

BPP offers businesses the ability to rent the exact number of pallets they need, rather than having to stock for peak seasons and keeping idle pallets in storage. Companies can easily upgrade to BPP system and avoid the expense of purchasing and maintaining a pallet inventory. You can count on our high quality plastic pallets. As a customer of BPP, you will receive pallets directly from our manufacturer IPS Belgium or pallets that have been quality inspected according to our highest standards.

Renting vs. Owning

By renting plastic pallets from our shared pool, businesses can focus their capital expenditures and day-to-day supply-chain operations on their core business and eliminate the expensive distraction of owning and maintaining an inventory of pallets. Importantly, companies that have been using wood pallets can readily upgrade to our system. Under a pooled system, manufacturers, distributors and retailers rent – rather than own – their pallets; the pallets are owned by BPP.

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How the Pallet Pooling Works?

We at BPP offer the ability to rent pallets therefore negating all the costs and expenses related to purchasing and maintaining your own pallet inventory. Why purchase and store pallets you don’t need when you could save money by renting exactly what you need?

With a pooled system the pallets used by the manufacturers, distributors and retailers are rented instead of purchased. Ownership of the pallets is retained by BPP and therefore so is the maintenance responsibility.

The pooled pallet system works as follows:

* The manufacturer informs BPP of a required shipment
* BPP delivers the required amount of our top of the range plastic pallets to the manufacturing facility
* The manufacturer uses the plastic pallets and ships them to the recipient
* The products arrive at retail or distributors who either store the products in warehouses or use the pallets to move products to the retailer
* After the pallets have been emptied by the retailer, the distributor returns the pallets to their distribution centers
* The pallets are collected at the distribution centers and then returned to BPP
* BPP checks the pallets for the unlikely event of damage, and they are ready to begin the cycle again

We aim to offer you a simple high quality solution, one which fits your business and is ready to go.

Why wait? Get in touch with us and let one of our team explain how we can help you get ahead!

The Benefits for Your Business

Pallet and crate pooling is simple and cost effective, making it an increasingly popular method for managing and distributing products within the supply chain.

Benefits of pallet pooling include:
* No capital investment required as pallets are used on a daily basis as required
* No more need for repairs as BPP is ensuring high quality plastic pallets are available every time
* BPP can supply additional pallets quickly to meet urgent needs, promotions and peak season demand
* Our shared pallet pool is better for the environment as overall pallet numbers are minimised and BPP recycles pallet components

The BPP Buyback service also enables those companies who have invested in their own wooden pallets to sell these to BPP, where the plastic pallet pool is rented back to the customer, converting a fixed cost into a more manageable variable cost. The Buyback service provides cash flow benefits to customers, lightens the balance sheet of non-core assets, reduces associated head counts and gives greater flexibility during periods of peak demand.

No more cost of buying, managing, maintaining and storing your fleet! Renting pallets from us is especially good for customers with over 1000 pallets in use. By renting our plastic pallets you can focus you energies on your product and leave the stresses of the day to day supply chain operations to us.

Export Plastic Pallets for One-Way Shipping

You can rent or buy the pallets. For the export purposes, we can offer you the best plastic one-way pallet made by IPS Belgium at the cost of EPAL standard wooden pallet. IPS export pallets are low cost durable recycled pallets that are especially made for one-way export shipping. Euro pallets measure 800 x 1200 cm to conform to the most popular size in Europe. Plastic export pallets are easy and problem free for overseas and export shipment because plastic pallets do not require costly sirex treatment or impregnation.

Export plastic pallets are nestable. It result in volume savings in the warehousing and in the transport of nested pallets.

Due to the increased enforcement of ISPM-15 regulations, increasing costs of hardwoods, and simply wood in general becoming more difficult to source, plastic export pallets have become an inexpensive and better alternative to wood.

Our export plastic pallets are impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odors, resistant to water absorption or the growth of bacteria, inert to infestation, mold and mildew. They have guaranteed acceptance at all ports. Pallets are an environmentally friendly product and are completely recyclable. You can "Send & Forget" our plastic export pallets or re-use.