BPP strategic partner IPS Belgium

Innova Packaging Systems NV (IPS) is a young and dynamic company specialising in the development and production of large plastic items.

Its core business is the production of material handling products, i.e. products that facilitate the handling and transportation of goods. IPS is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, producing over a million plastic pallets a year. It also manufacturers a range of products in co-development with other companies.

With its customer-centric approach, IPS guarantees you top quality at extremely competitive prices every single time.

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What we offer

The world's most advanced pallets

Tracking and tracing with built-in RFID 

Proven operational savings 

The efficiency of pallet pooling 

Cost-efficient pallet-based solutions

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Baltic Pallet Pooling
Outsourcing of packaging operations!

Monitoring, hire, logistics, services, balance control...

IPS activities

Material Handling Products

Plastic pallets
Foldable pallet boxes
Product options (anti-slip, RFID, special colouring, personalisation & numbering)
Special properties/features

Custom Made Solutions
At customers’ specific request, IPS can supply fully tailor-made solutions.

Subcontracting / Co-development
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