What products does BPP supply?

Our strategic partner, Innova Packaging Systems NV (IPS) specialises in the development and production of large plastic items. As well as an extensive range of material handling products, IPS also manufactures products in co-development with a network of industrial partners.

New pallet:
The Universal plastic pallet has been engineered to offer high performance at low cost, accepting dynamic loads up to 1500 kg, and racking loads of 750 kg with a net weight of only 12 to 14 kg! Ideal for closed loops, distribution, production areas and exports across all industry sectors Food, Retail, Newspapers, and Pharmaceuticals. The open deck, with flow through block design, ensures effective cleaning and quick drying either manually or through automated washers.
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What we offer

The world's most advanced pallets

Tracking and tracing with built-in RFID 

Proven operational savings 

The efficiency of pallet pooling 

Cost-efficient pallet-based solutions

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